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Let me warn you now that this post contains graphic content and may be / is offensive and is not suitable for anyone, ever. However, I have included one video and one link in order to make my point that Domestic Violence is NOT tolerable.

I am a true music lover and typically, I am opened to most any style of music. The preferred music is primarily wrapped up in the 70’s classic rock genre.

However, I do enjoy classical music, Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” (Winter) ranking number one. Others; Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Black Veil Bride’s “In the End” ; you get the gist. I believe that a true music lover can appreciate all styles of music, as they are personal expressions of art, all the while maintaining personal preference. Obviously.

Not too long ago, I discovered my daughter watching a few music videos and was immediately alarmed by the message it was conveying to the younger male and female generation. I realize that practically every generation has said, what I am about to say. BUT, shattering sirens went off in my brain. DO. NOT. LISTEN. TO. THAT. And for the sake of women everywhere DO. NOT. WATCH. THAT. EVER. AGAIN. Although I didn’t let those words fly from my lips, I’m sure my non-verbal reaction was LOUD and CLEAR.

Upon gathering myself, I decided to broach the subject with caution, as rebellion is the very nature of a teenager. However, my daughter is not your average teen. Until a year ago, she has seen and experienced domestic violence her entire life. I had tragically given her the idea that DV is “normal” and let me tell you people, it’s damn near impossible to unscramble an egg. Well it is impossible; the only recourse is to make an omelet.  The mastery of omelet making continues to be a work in progress.

I suppose the purpose of posting these grisly videos is to inform parents everywhere that they are offensive, degrading, debasing, demeaning and a whole lot of other adjectives. While I recognize we are entitled to freedom of speech and censorship is a controversial issue; it remains our duty as parents to retain a certain amount of vigilance over these matters.

To some, this issue may run along the lines of beating a dead horse. To me it is something that stirs blistering passion from deep within my very being with these videos fueling the fire.  It is teen dating violence awareness month and the very nature of this particular, crippling, beast is silence.


There are many more out there, however, I don’t have the stomach for any more!

Teen Dating Violence


Teen Dating Violence

I found this article on twitter today and the alarm sounded.  February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and this article is essential for the education of parents and dating teens.

It’s not enough that abuse occurs in epidemic proportions, we, as a society must now contend with the new abuse of digital harassment.