Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence


You Know Don’t You?

Due to my circumstances I’m making this post via this contraption we call an iPhone.

I have gone over and over in my mind what to say and how to say it and I haven’t got a clue. (Typing with my thumbs is a definite disadvantage.) 😉

I’ve been from piller to post over the last month, makin’ plans, huntin’, gatherin’, fallin’ down repeatedly and gettin’ back up.

Surely y’all see, feel, realize and know that I ain’t simply just gettin’ back up.

Don’t you?

Obviously y’all know that each one of you form a collective force in my world that is composed of hope, assurance, light, energy, patience, and undying support in my absence and my presence.

Don’t you?

Undoubtedly-you must know that Y’ALL pull me back up with your arms of love and kindness.

Don’t you?

Most assuredly y’all know that every like, every word in every line, every sentiment embodies me and drives me forward in ways I just can not adequately express.

Don’t you?



A Very Special Thank You

A Very Special Thank You

I cannot find the words t0 adequately convey how much I appreciate every single person who follows, comments or likes my blog.

I have received unending support from so many here in my virtual world.  You have given me the strength to not only survive but also thrive one day at a time.

Because of you, I can:

Refuse to allow 19 years of my life, once filled with an indescribable hell, to go to waste.

Refuse to allow this precious corner of my world to be tainted by the control of my abuser.

Refuse to be complacent and complicit in this vicious crime against my brothers and sisters by keeping silent.

And I promise:

I will, until the day I draw my very last breath, advocate for you, love you, support you and most importantly, listen to you.