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Surviving Domestic Violence



On July 17, 2006, Baez received the Distinguished Leadership Award from the Legal Community Against Violence. At the annual dinner event they honored her for her lifetime of work against violence of all kinds.

Thank you Lance for sharing this with us.

Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics

Someone I know (and admire), compelled me to post this video. (Unknowingly / Unwittingly) 

I hope you enjoy it.

It makes me feel so right about supporting Women’s Rights. (And Their Strength) 

(No more preaching here from me; I do not wish to degrade the effect of the Video)

Yes, I know. This is a Socialist Song. But, without support from the home…well…

I still maintain this is a woman’s song.

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Breaking The Bond

I spent 19 years “hanging on every word” believing EVERY TIME he finally got it and I cannot tell you how good if feels to be on the other side of it.
Thank you Tela. This is a must read.
Get out and go on. Please go check out Tela’s site.  She is an insightful sister-survivor with a wealth of wisdom to offer.


………one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

How many times have you sat there thinking ‘if only’, ‘why did they, and ‘how can I’? Focusing on these questions, and several more gets you nowhere. How do you get to the point to where you can once and for all let go of all the deep feelings of love, wanting and needing? How to do you replace the constant thoughts about your ex?

The first and most important step is to recognize & accept, you are/were not involved with a person who is emotionally connected to LIFE as you know it. They are constantly on the outside looking in, without being able to connect with a conscience. With you accepting that your Sociopath will never, ever understand what their words and behaviour has done, is completely unacceptable.  No matter how much love, compassion, understanding , empathy, you have…

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He is not Really Heavy: He is my Brother

I want to those who have shared their hearts cry, written their words in blood and tears. I’m so glad you have found your voice and I dare say that if we all felt this way domestic violence would not exist, wars would cease, hunger would be eradicated, and the list goes on.
I want you all to know that you ain’t heavy; you’re my sisters and brothers. Please take pause, read and listen. Five minutes to know how much I truly do care.

I didn’t give Lance proper credit for this blog post.  We were having a conversation and this song came into the mix.  Thank you Lance.  You’re my hero.

Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics

Posted for Teela:

Here is a no shitter story:

I talked to my ever-so-cool step-sister back in the Seventies about this song.

She said to me,

“Lance, what does this song mean to you?”

I said (thirteen years old), I said, it is about some dude carrying his brother out of a war zone in a desert, and some guy comes up and says, ‘Is he heavy?’

And the dude says, “No. He’s my brother.”

My step-sister just left me there, all alone, wondering why I was not cool.

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What Is In A Name

Stigma’s: Wrong on every level. Thank you to Jenni @ Unload and Unwind. She brings up a valid point we should all hear.

Unload and Unwind

One of the human races greatest gifts is language and we use it as a way to understand and recognise the world around us and our place in it.  In most cases this is a reassuring process, how children grow to understand what they see as they learn to speak.  However there is a danger inherent within, like most things in life there are choices to be made in how we use language and what labels we place on many things.

stigma 2I have come over time to recognise how naming things can sometimes be a negative.  In particular when it comes to the Mental Health Sciences doctors  and counsellors primary goal is to define or diagnose a person’s mental health and proceed to label it according to where it fits within the medical models.  Unfortunately there is a great deal of stigma attached to mental health and whether people realise…

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Sensational and Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Yosemite National Park!

Almost every post I make concerns the ugly side of life and as a result it gets heavy over at my place. I stumbled upon Michele’s blog, “greyzoned” and found something more beautiful and healing to the soul and spirit than I have seen in a long time. I love nature, and this video is like ointment to my wounds. Please take the time to watch and enjoy.
And go by an pay greyzoned a visit.

Angels Bark

This should absolutely be shared with everyone you know! What an incredible journey through beautiful Yosemite National Park. Two photographers, Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill, both from California, spent ten months backpacking over 200 miles in Yosemite with one goal in mind: to create this astounding 5-minute video time-lapse video capturing the park in all four seasons.

The video quality is fantastic, the editing is incredible, the music score is a perfect match for what you see and it is just a fabulous way to start your Sunday! Enjoy. This is a major WOW. Spread the beauty!

Stunning Time-Lapse Video Captures Rare Views of Yosemite

national geographic yosemite national park photo

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Dear Daddy.

Teen Survivor or TS-is a tender young survivor who needs our support today. She is a beautiful diamond in the rough just like the rest of us. You are not alone TS!

teen survivor of domestic violence

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I’m sorry for letting you down.

This post brought tears to my eyes as I have children of my own and I felt it necessary to share with you all. Let us offer support to teen survivor. She needs our support.

teen survivor of domestic violence

   Why does this happen so often, the feeling of pain and anger, it’s like that’s all there is left in me.  I feel like I’m dying, I need to escape from this life. It has only caused me pain and heartache. 

I cried out but no one heard me. Most days I feel like I deserve all of this, it’s my fault anyway. I should have done things differently and maybe this wouldn’t have happened.  I feel like each day I get worse and worse but I don’t want help.  I fake a smile everyday because I don’t want to upset my parents. No one knows I cry almost every night and sometimes I don’t even know why.  

There is no hope for me, I have given up on everything, and I am a disappointment to my family.  I am dying inside. I lay in bed everyday just…

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A Child Lies Awake at Night

This is something I am sure my children can identify with. I do hope I can help them before they are all grown up and realize they never got out!

Mirroring the World

A child lies awake at night, listened, with her/his ears, GLUED to her/his bedroom walls, to hear her/his parents argue about whatever the HECK it was that they’re arguing about…

A child lies awake at night, s/he tossed, and turned, and the Sandman just isn’t coming by!!!  A child lies awake at night, hearing her/his mama cry, over her/his father’s infidelities and lies, and, the child couldn’t help the mommy feel better, for s/he is way too young, to do ANYTHING to help, and so, the child died, slowly, on the inside.

A child lies awake at night, holdin’ tight, to her Teddy bear, whispered her dreams of getting away from her parents one day.  The next morn, the child finds herself, in the body, of a GROWN up, and thinks to herself, I’m finally O-U-T!!!  But is she, really???

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The Art of War


We often hear ourselves referred to as Warrior Women or Protective Moms.  There are even alliances that include those phrases in their names.  Their aim being to equip and encourage mothers locked in the battle for their children’s safety and souls.


I’ve read forums and articles outlining how to handle a narcissist in court and when attempting to co-parent with them.  So many of us survivors have become experts on the battle, and we’re armed and ready to help others with what we learned from our experiences.  But, really, very little of it works for them because, though abusers are eerily similar, our cases are all unique.

Abusers change with the wind.  They are chameleons.  One time, they are stern and accusing.  Another, they are weak and play the victim.  For a time they seem to fade away.  Weeks go by with no contact.  And, then, a barrage of unsolicited…

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