Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

I’m Freaking Out


I’m in a mountain region gettin slammed by 50 mph winds and a windchill expected to be -30 degrees.
My head hurts and my ears are popping and I’m more than a little nervous right now.

Love y’all.

Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

24 thoughts on “I’m Freaking Out

  1. Teela, so good to see your name in my inbox. Been praying for you. Stay warm, stay safe, find joy and peace where you can. ā¤

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  2. Big hug from Syracuse, where we know how to keep warm, Teela. Thinking of you. Be safe and snug and do stay out of the wind, my friend.

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    • It’s good to hear from you Mark.
      I’ve thought of y’all several times since our history making, Siberian weather anomaly started making it’s way down south.
      Thank you for the well wishes. You are a friend indeed.


  3. Deep breath and put the kettle on…sending warm thoughts your way!


  4. Thinking of you, Teela! Thank you for checking in. Stay warm. Stay safe. ā™„

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  5. I have been off WP practically all day. And just popped on and here you are!!!!!! I miss you and hope you and your children are doing well. xxxx stay warm and ‘grounded’. Kimberly.

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  6. It sounds like you’re still adapting to your new way of life, and, it may take some time, for everything to settle in, and just be glad, that you survived! And, don’t worry, because everything will be smoother flowing for you from here on out, as you’d already taken that first step outward already…and, congratulations, on your new found sense of freedom, away from the abuse!!!

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  7. Hey, if it is notable, then it must be unusual for the area. It is like that where I live quite frequently. If you have the basics, you will be okay. Keep warm, keep calm, and wait. I suspect it won’t last. Try some tea. Think about everyone who still lives there, and how long the town has been there. The weather is going to improve, for if it were like that all the time everyone would move to a more accommodating place.
    Hang in there. You will be okay. I made it through last winter, which was like that most of the time, temperature wise, wind occasionally. Often when it gets that cold the wind dies.

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  8. wow – just breathe and count – imagine a beautiful scenery and trees…Stay strong!

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