Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

What the @#$%


My email has been hacked and no longer exists.

Obviously my contacts were are all lost.

Please send me your  email addresses so that I can talk to you again.

I’m makin’ this short and sweet so that I don’t say a whole bunch of fuckin’ cuss words.

Love Y’all.



Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

22 thoughts on “What the @#$%

  1. You poor thing. You have my sympathy.


  2. Hi Tee, e-mail info on way. Hugs.


  3. Dammit, I’m only here for the cuss words.


    • I’m simply tryin to defuckerize this shit


      • I feel fuch mucking netter bow. Thank you!!!

        The best way I know to prevent email account hijacking is to stay far, far away from Facefook and so the malware it distributes. Especially if you also have a Yahoo account, as there’s malware that shows up on Facefook that specifically targets Yahoo accounts for compromise. (Did I guess right?)


      • You fucking guessed right!
        I did employ your password technique however I ain’t sure it’ll save my ass at all in the future.
        We shall see.


      • The avoiding Facefook part? Or the avoiding Yayhoo part? Both?

        Facefook is teh evils anyway. I tell my clients who insist upon doing “social media marketing” to devote a single isolated PC to that, and to ensure that that machine cannot reach any other machines on their local networks and never has anything stored upon it that they don’t want thieving Russians to get hold of. Some of ’em even listen… the rest pay me over and over to clean up their messes for them. 😀


      • The FB part
        And I’m rethinkin the yahoo part


  4. i will send you a text ❤


  5. judiallen99@gmail.com


    Sent from Windows Mail


  6. Sorry about that, Teela. That’s a real pain in the ****


  7. How annoying. Hope other than that, you are well. x


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