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Life Ain’t Always Fair, but it’s Always Life


I have not made a post in a long while and I have to say it feels like I’ve been running around with a half-empty glass. I’ve missed y’all more than words can adequately express.

I want to first thank, with all my heart, Americana Injustica for her guest post in my absence and CTC for their unending support while I’ve been away. I would have been lost a few times without you.

My intentions were to make a post announcing that I would be leaving for vacation at the end of the June, however, things got a little hairy and I decided to make a swift exit. I honestly believed that by the time I returned things would be better (naïve, I know) and needless to say when I arrived at the intended destination my ridiculously tense, stressed, brow un-furrowed.  The best feeling in the world was leaving home and all the shit that goes along with it; watching, as as the ‘crazy train’ grew smaller in the rear view mirror felt good.  I had no idea the shit storm I’d be returning to. (Yes I know that’s a preposition)

I was determined to get my children out of the toxic environment their father infused into the atmosphere and into “different”, for the lack of a better description, if only for a short time. Even though we no longer live with our abuser, we continue to suffer from his unbelievable reach thanks to the family courts. More on that issue another time.

We started this endeavor with the intention of being away for seven days (thank you Daddy) which turned into fourteen days for reasons I can’t really go into, but I will say that vacation was not the only agenda. I hope that I will be able to shed some light on the whole, screwed up, story once it’s over but as it stands, it’s still a work in progress so to speak.

My travels have ended, however, that’s temporary. I am not sure how long I will be able to make posts due to having to re-locate, but I am going to take advantage of the time I do have.

I am safe with plans to be safer. 😉

My children and I traveled with fun and tension release in mind and we made it together.  I sucked every minute of the distraction free time I could get with them. I visited with my son Carey. He doesn’t have internet yet, but he does send his love.

I love y’all and I’ve missed y’all very much.

I was not in an electronically friendly environment for quite some time although I did get emails via the phone.  I want those of you who supported me through email to know how grateful I am that I have friends like you. I mean that.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone here and I am sorry if I caused even a tiny bit of worry.

Now….. it’s time to make my rounds and catch up on a few blogs, I’ve missed a lot and I want to say hello. 🙂









Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

48 thoughts on “Life Ain’t Always Fair, but it’s Always Life

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  2. Glad to hear the “safe and safer,” my friend Teela. Your WP friends are here for you any way we can. I know I am. Email me if you need to. There’s a preposition and so what!


  3. so, so glad you are back. Your wisdom has been missed 🙂


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  5. I am glad that you protected yourself by blacking out the face in your Gravatar—and sorry, too! Wondered…with your absence…what was going on. May God shield you under His wings in your struggle…and be protected from your enemies! 🙂

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  6. I sympathize with you for how slow (and a million other words) the family court system can be. Always warms my heart to hear a SURVIVOR of domestic violence is safe. Warm thoughts your way.

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  7. Your safety is the most important thing…period! I am so glad to read your words again though… I’ve been a little absent from this blogging world of late but I have noticed that you weren’t around much too and I have been thinking of you. Sending you so much love xxx

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  8. Hi Teela 😀 I am so pleased to read that you are back with us in a safer environment. I wish you & your children a brighter, happier future. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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  9. Welcome Back Teela. Glad you and the children are safe.

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  10. So glad you are back, for now. I too smiled when I read. “I am safe with plans to be safer.” Welcome back you were missed! ❤

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  11. Very happy to hear you are well and back in the saddle, well kinda… Anything you need, say the word! Great to have you back! Hugs ❤

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  12. I’m so glad you’re back Teela. I did read Americana Injustica’s post so I knew you were just on “leave”-I had added you to my Heroes In My Garden Page, where I put all the treasures that touch my life. Hope you’ll take a look one day and see your spot. Much love, Mandy


  13. Tremendously relieved to hear from you, Teela, as I had been very concerned. I agree with Lance’s comment above. That sentence stood out for me too. It sounds to me as if you have had a bittersweet time – but am very glad that there was sweet in the mix too.
    Thinking of you. Love and hugs, Ali xxx


  14. Hooray!!! You’re back.
    PS there’s nothing wrong with being away from technology for a while.


  15. Hi T! I’m so glad to hear that you’re back, albeit for a little while, as you relocate. I can imagine your vacation was very much needed. *hugs* You and your family are in my prayers.


  16. Well if this ain’t a bitch! Not only do I have to throw in with that Marcom guy, I don’t even get to be the first to do it. 😀

    But, seriously now, I’m really happy to know that your absence was for a happy reason, and glad that you’re back even if it turns out to be not for long. Ya gotsta do what’s right fer you, and as long as that’s what you’re up to I’m tickled.


    • I most certainly did miss y’all. (you and the “Marcom guy”) 😀

      I’m glad to be back if only temporarily.
      It’s right fer me and I’m as up to it as I’m ever gonna git. So it’s time to start gittin’ it I guess. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and sayin’ hello.
      I’ll be around to your place directly.


  17. I am happy you are back – you have been missed, but we understand that a chick has to do what a chick has to do;)


  18. Glad to see that you’re back Tesla! I’ll be out of commission from my blog for at le3ast a week/ week and a half while I recover from a surgery. I have my friends helping me out with looking at new blogs and posting as always. 🙂 Sorry to keep this short but my brain isn’t fully functioning at the moment.

    Bye for now,


  19. Yay! I was thinking about you yesterday. I’m glad you are safe. ❤ 🙂


  20. I agree with Lance…safe is good, safer even better!


  21. The worry was there. I had sent you an email. Of course all of my wife’s war stories made me think of what might have happened. Good to have you back.

    I’ve been absent as well. I was laid of a month ago which may turn out to be a great blessing as I think that if I spend the rest of my already depleted life doing what I currently do for a living I will jump out of my skin. I still may do it for a while long but I have been inspired to find ways of getting out of it.

    I have been silly and wasteful of my time. I want to be a writer.

    I am glad you still have a platform from which to write and develop your voice. As we say in my neck of the woods, “Mavel Tov”. :-). I will look forward to your next posts.


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    • I’m sorry you were laid off, but I am glad you are able to devote more time to writing. I think you are a great writer.
      Thank you for the “Mavel Tov” and back to ya!
      I did not intend to worry anyone. I am sorry about that.
      I did not get the email. I’m not sure why, but I will go back and check again. :/
      I look forward to hearing more from you as well.
      Thank you again Neil.


  22. “I am safe with plans to be safer.”

    This makes me happy.

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