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Surviving Domestic Violence

Most Forgettable Post Ever


All went well with my trip to the dentist.  The wisdom’s are out and it is now 5:45 am Saturday morning.  My mouth feels like someone took a jackhammer to it, I can’t sleep, and I’m still a little loopy, but other than that I feel great.

Thank y’all for your support.  I mean that.

I’ll be eating a lot of ice cream and drinking a lot of milkshakes and I like that.

Not sure how long it will be before I’m coherent enough to make any meaningful posts, but I wanted to give you a little update.

I go back o the DDS on Monday and have more work done on Tuesday.

Be well all.





Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

22 thoughts on “Most Forgettable Post Ever

  1. Oh, Teela, I really sympathise with you – I hate having teeth pulled out too. Glad to hear it’s all over and you recovering with plenty of TLC xxx


  2. I hope you recover quickly. Having teeth pulled is no walk in the park.


  3. I hope you put the tooth under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy ? ❤


  4. Hang in there, you are in my thoughts. ❤ ⭐


  5. Healing thoughts are with you Teela!!


  6. Ugh! Take care of your mending self!💛


  7. Sorry T. I didn’t realize it was something so serious as wisdom teeth being pulled. I hope you feel better soon.


  8. Omg – my 19 yr old had his pulled two weeks ago. He was a total disaster (I am certain you know how men can be when not feeling well – big, big babies). Seriously, I knew how bad he felt and I know how bad you are feeling. All he ate was mashed potatoes, pudding and jello. I did make banana bread, Chix soup and meatloaf. All I did was cook and stuff he sorry little body. It was fun. Reminded me of the old days,,,,, then I had to finally close up shop and say – mommy bird is done and it is time for baby bird to fly out of the nest. In other words, he was enjoying my care a wee bit too much:). I hope you are feeling better and you have a mommy bird or two to take care of you. Enjoy the ice cream. 🙂 xxxxx


  9. Oh, God, poor you, Teela – how painful and horrid for you, Glad to hear it’s all over. Hope you heal really speedily. Hugs, Ali xxx


  10. Had the same trauma with teeth just last week – a few hundred quid later and days of pain everything OK now. I feel sure you’ll get there – bloody nuisance though isn’t it!


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