Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

I Hate Dentists


On my way to the Dentist.

I hate going to the Dentist.

Laughing gas or no, it’s still a horrifying experience for me.

I will go to my happy place, but I’m still unsure that that will do much good.  :/




Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

18 thoughts on “I Hate Dentists

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  2. Ditto! I haven’t been in years! I take a lot of vitamin D though, which is supposed to help with dental health. I get freaked out when I get tooth aches, but every time so far, all it’s ended up coming from, is the skin of popcorn kernels getting lodged uncomfortably between the crevices of my teeth. I eat so much popcorn, I know just assume that’s what it is when I get a toothache, and just dislodge it with floss!

    I am more afraid of dentist bills than drills though, but if I have the option of a drill going into my head or not, it’s a pretty easy choice to make…

    And my dentist growing up was mean! …which wasn’t a good personalty trait for comforting freaked out kids like my brother. I think my brother bit him once… lol


  3. Hope the visit went well Tee!


  4. Geez, there are youtubes for everything. Great find Teela…by the time you read this, it’ll all be over. See?


  5. Don’t remind me! I go Tuesday -dread!


  6. I totally understand. I’m so terrified of going that nothing drugs me. I don’t freeze and I can have enough sedation to knock out an over sized male and it doesn’t work. I need to go too and just can’t bring myself to do so. All the best xo


  7. Had to laugh, although I do understand your nervousness. I only had laughing gas once, in my twenties, and all I remember is making up some stupid song in my head to coincide with the sound of the drill. Sure hope I didn’t sing that song out loud!


  8. Put me in you pocket and take me along. I’ll be there to support you in spirit 🙂 I understand your fear.


  9. I wish there was a propofal nap involved! I mean, why? Why do they keep us awake for the torture? Good luck my friend😥


  10. Just think how great you’ll feel when your mouth is closed, your butt is out of that chair, and Friday night is around the corner, T.


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