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Surviving Domestic Violence

7 thoughts on “Funding Update for Rape Kit “End The Backlog” FY2015

  1. This is very important. I didn’t know there was a backlog of rape kits. Excuse me, but what in the flying f*%$ is the point of them collecting rape kits if they’re not prosecuting them asap?! Makes me pissed. But I do identify with what Paula commented; my rapists were known to me, but I didn’t report due to fear and then a few years later, I decided it wasn’t worth it because it’s a case of β€œhe said, she said” and I did not feel that I could handle being criticized and verbally ripped apart by a judge or attorney. I wish there was more understanding of rape victims, instead of so many who make light of such a horrendous act.


    • Not to mention that the victims are blamed in more cases than not, which is what gives the fuckers more ammunition in court. This is the reason victims never speak up because they will only be victimized again by the courts. One day, One day.the rapists will pay. The more we speak out, the more we protest, maybe it will make a difference.
      I totally understand your frustration and anger. Unfortunately this is the law of “mans” land.
      Thanks for the rant, it is called for.


  2. What is the statute of limitations on rape? I fear most of the data collected wont be used to prosecute anyone in many of the cases. Does the legislature address this? I wish there were more emphasis on non-stranger rape cases, cases in which the victim can positively identify the perpetrator without a rape kit to prove she’s telling the truth. Our word is never believed. That’s a backlog in thinking, in my opinion. 😦


    • I believe the statute of limitations is 7 years. However, considering the backlog I hope that that can be grandfathered in.
      It is a terrible thing that there is a statute of limitations because in my opinion, rape is in effect murder of the soul.


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