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I Can Smell The Bullshit From A Mile Away!


Another surprise visit from the ex asshole and I’m just not going to burden you with all the pissy details, but I’m kinda sick of all the shit he seems to FEEL that I’m fuckin’ buying.  He thinks he is so damn clever.  Newsflash………”you’re a dumbass.”


Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit



To quote R Lee Ermy (Full Metal Jacket)

My Dearest Ex:

“You will not speak until you are spoken to

And the first and last words outta your sewer mouth will be “Yes Mam”

You will not laugh

You will not cry

You will learn by the numbers

I will teach you”

Do not come back to my house and upset my children not even one more time and let me give you a tiny bit more advice, that you won’t take and will regret later, don’t play with dynamite, I’m liable to blow up in your face and that will hurt like motherfucker.

“You’re one bridge I’d like to burn, scatter the ashes, smash the urn, I’m through, with you……….”

I’m fuckin’ done!

So done!








Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

33 thoughts on “I Can Smell The Bullshit From A Mile Away!

  1. Omg, I know what you are going through. Mine put MY DOG TO SLEEP and didn’t tell me, and sent his body to a university and tried to get me in trouble for animal cruely. I had the dog for 14 years. He is a sick, sociopathic ass! He also loves to call the cops on me and lie about me to try to turn the tables on me.
    We deserve better!


    • Yes we do deserve better SB.
      I am sorry you are having to deal with such a person.
      We have to survive this kind of crazy one day at a time.
      Thank you for reading.


  2. Love the quotes and the vid!
    Stay strong. (I know you will)


  3. You are a Big, Bad “Mama Bear”, T. (That’s what someone called me this week as I was getting ornery at the thoughts of anyone f-ing with my kids’ or minds or lives). <>
    And that friend reminded me that I can be that fierce protecting ME too.
    I HATE giving ‘advice’ but am completely supportive of you ‘removing’ yourself. And ‘quietly’. You are the Mamma Bear. And you are fierce and wise and strong. More than you can ever expect him to be… And hey , he no longer needs to be any factor. Keep your goodness and your kids’ goodness somewhere safe. You are the Big Good Mama Bear 🙂


  4. Glad you’re okay AND packing! You have to protect yourself and kiddos! Praying you’ll be able to move away from him soon.


  5. Hate that you are dealing with this shit. I would def get the restraining order, in the event you have to use the 12-gauge – seriously . . . ☮


    • Yes, that’s my next step.
      This is the third time in the last few months.
      My other order expired January 18th and the Judge wouldn’t renew.
      Maybe he will now.


  6. I sometimes wonder if you didn’t somehow get married into my ex-wife’s family. Her brothers saved my life I don’t know how many times by calling me on the telephone to tell me about the beatings that were waiting for me, and when I’d show up to collect them they’d keep a locked door between us so those beatings couldn’t get out and do me harm. I surely needed their help, being not smart enough to keep my own heathen ass out of trouble. But they never could say no to a woman, so they got all the beatings they asked for. Real princes, that lot.

    Stay safe and don’t let the shit stick to ya, okay?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Happier Heathen,
      I’m ready for him. I hope.
      I’ve been up all night and have my weapons ready.
      It’s early morning now and I feel better.
      Thank you again.
      I mean that.


  7. Man… 😦 Glad you are safe.


  8. How about you take some of those weapons with you at the next meeting place exchange. If he gets out of line beat the crap out of him. He thinks he superior but one day there is judgement. If doesn’t get it in this world, he will get it much worse latter. Keep taking the high road and taking it out here with your friends. Have a good night sleep.


  9. Giiiiirl!!!! I know what you mean about ex assholes!! My ex mother in law wanted to see the kids (she hasn’t seen them in over a year) so I said yes; my parents met her at the park and brought the kids, they had a nice time but she was talking all kinds of crap about her son (how he’s a chronic liar, and she didn’t raise him that way, and he’s an asshole, etc) and being all sympathetic to my parents….a week later, she texts, to find out “What does he need to do in order to see the kids?” Are you fucking kidding me?? I didn’t give her an answer; what a snake in the grass. And she’s not going to get the privilege of seeing them again. Probably neither is he, since it’s been over a year since he’s seen them too! Anyways, sorry, ranting over….But you should get a restraining order on him, and then call the cops on his ass when he shows up at your house!


  10. I guess they all see it as their duty to ruin all days surrounding any holiday that is not about them…that’s my working theory. We have had a week of harrassment, escalation, and just plain evil! It takes every ounce of energy to not react! I’m with you!


  11. Sounds rough, sorry he’s at it again. 😦


    • I’m moving away. He won’t work so he won’t be able to follow. I do really good and then he rears his ugly head and I have to take a few steps back and regain my composure.
      We’ll make it work.
      We’re survivors.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Not fun at all. For what it’s worth moving away from my abusers (My family) was more freeing then I ever thought it would be. I wish these jerks would be put in jail xo


      • Mine was three times. But he has connections and now he runs free enough to terrorize us all. It’s about to change though. For a fact!
        I shouldn’t have to move away from my home, but it no longer feels like home anyway so why stay.
        Thanks for the encouragement, I really need it.


      • Oh wow. That sucks that he’s out. The systems are just so messed up. Ears perk up…about to change?

        No you shouldn’t have to move away from your home not at all. These asses often take that too.

        I hope when you do go you find a place that feel safe and like home.


      • Thank you.
        He took my finances and my house was foreclosed on. I’m living in a rental.
        Thanks for all the support.


      • It so sad how they get away with it.

        Anytime xo


  12. Deja Moo… Haha! I may use that poster one day Brilliant! Brilliant post, too. 🙂


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