Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence


the truth

who is it

does it matter

do you even care

well its your conscience

its all that shit you want to ignore

its all that hatred you have toward yourself



why do you hate yourself

what have you done to anyone

is it the lies

is it the hard decisions you made to make it easier on yourself when noone else did

is it the bullshit that you had to deal with and you blame yourself

is it the love you never got

is it the hell that rained on you like on sodom and gomorrah

is it the fact that you dont know what your doing

is it the fact that shit never works out right

are you here

dont you love

dont you do what you can for everyone

sure you can be selfish but doesnt that mean you love yourself at least a little

can you deal with that

does that little bit of love make you feel guilty

does the fact that you cant think of everyone else 110 percent of the time make you tear your own heart out and cry endlessly about how noone ever loves you enough

are you alive………

do you care?


For The Sake Of All Humankind, Would Someone Get Shorty!

In the search for myself today I came across a most lovely silver lining to a somewhat shitty cloud of the past and here she be:

silver liningIn seeing this lovely lining I decided to head downtown to the local fountain and contemplate my journey through this somewhat rocky life.

contemplating 2Then I discovered that pigs actually do fly, as I watched them land right smack dab on the roof of the local exploration station and of course, I had an epiphany.

If pigs can fly, then surely I can fly.



Oh, I get it, you want proof, you’re not going to take my word for it huh?


pigs flying 2So, I decided to head on down to the local airport that has all of two planes, nah, more like five or ten, but first I had to stop by and sing with Elvis (I saw a flyer advertising this once in a lifetime chance).  He was giving an awesome performance of Hunk O’ Burnin’ Love and of course I had to join in cause I’m hip like that.


I gotta prove it again?


Have it your way, cause “I did it my way.”

Obviously he had me “All shook up.”

hunk o burnin loveThis was our performance if you wanna check it out.

Burnin’ Love

Of course grandpa prefers Betty Boop, I mean let’s face it, we look an awful lot alike!  Check her out, I have blue eyes, and blonde hair and it’s obvious we’re twins.

betty boopAlright, let’s move on, but before I do, let me say here that both Betty and Elvis made their somewhat magical appearance at the bait and tackle shop which just so happened to be beside the “blessed sausage” shop.

Blessed sausage?

I’m not sure what that means but I’ll just stick to the heathen sausage myself.

bait and tackleblessed sausageOn to the important stuff. I drove strait to the itty bitty airport.

going to flyTook a look at a few airplanes.  None of which looked all that safe, but I looked nonetheless.

thinkin bout flyinThen I met Roger, who promised me it would be safe because he’s 72 and has been flying a long time.  My only doubt is that there is a possibility I could have a heart attack mid flight and then he’d have one because I had one and that would be as they say the “end of story Nard.” (“Firebase Gloria”)

This is Roger, he’s a sweetheart!

mr rogerAfter Mr. Roger (Ha), and I struck up a deal I decided it was time to end the journey for today, but not before stopping by the local BK for a rather large iced tea.  You know my journey would not have been complete without a little RobCo style to make me wince in pain and that’s when I met Shorty.  I wanted to get Shorty and ask him why?

Just why?

Here you have a look and maybe you can tell me why.

get shorty (3)Oh, well, I got a chuckle at this craziness and I still got my super large iced tea and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

iced teaHave a nice night y’all.

Cause, I’m out!  😉

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