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Can’t sleep boys?


Live & Learn


What a mistake it was, before my bed time, to read the finishing line in The New Yorker article titled Captivity:

They are perhaps thinking only that night is falling again, and that the men will come to each of them again, an unending horror.

Fellas, here’s my short good night prayer to you:

May you find it in your heart to let them go.
All of them.
NOW. Safely. Untouched.

And if you have no Heart and remain in Darkness,
I hope you watched the News today.
And saw that your government has accepted U.S. assistance.

You may be hearing Footsteps.
We’re coming.
You may be hearing Thunder.
We’re coming.
You will see Lightening. You will feel Rain. The skies will Open.
It’s coming.

Sleep well Boys.

It’s coming. Hell is coming.


Image Credit: CNN.com

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Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

2 thoughts on “Can’t sleep boys?

  1. Adding my own blessing to the issue – I’ve done a post with some petitions attached to push the governments into sending aid but regardless it is already too late for those girls. Even if they do get some back alive, the rape and torture that they have already endured can’t be washed away. Regardless something has to be done or it will keep happening.


    • Your right Jenni,
      These girls in effect have already been murdered. But we have to do something to stop this from continuing.
      I read that post with the petitions and made my voice heard. It is a nauseating fact that human life can be taken in such a careless way.
      Thank you.


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