Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence



Runs the water of perdition

Fills the porcelain walls of pain

Hands that move without permission

Decrepit talons of evil stroke

Visceral abhorrence did evoke

Compulsory arousal pulled the chain

Slaying me over and over again

Gripping the red, the vile, my fate

Showed no mercy did not abate

To the brink brought me near

Denying my confusion and my fear

Looking on you saw the hate

Before you dug the final grave

As I gripped the red and vile

The red securely sealed my fate









The roads I walk

Bifurcate like

Bloody veins

To take a left

To take a right

No way to win

Against the tide

A futile attempt

Unwanted unwelcome

The brazen valves

Shunt far away

From the want

To get my way

I give it up

I let it go

I Let it flow

Into the sea

Unanchored hope

Floats fast a free

That not one wave

Will make it be

For all of those whose roads have been blocked and another way must be chosen.