Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence


I am Fine

Expecting too much?
Read Tela Hill’s words and take them to heart.



Can you relate to all these adjectives and verbs? Has your Sociopath made you feel never good enough? Empty, Defeated and so on? How do they do it?

As with most everything we do in life, it is all because of hard work and dedication. You work hard for good grades in school. You work hard and show dedication in your career and you are promoted, or get that raise. You work hard to buy your home, or new car. You work hard raising and providing for your family. With a sociopath you are constantly working hard at the relationship, with very little pay-off. While your pouring your heart and soul into the relationship, they are sucking the life out of you. While you are opening yourself up to their love and affection, they are completely emotionally detached. Some are living dual lives, other’s just have an agenda which includes having as…

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A True Hero

You gave yourself

Of time and more

To offer another

A gift of worth

Oh how I melt

Beneath your words

Some may never

Ever know

The heart that beats

Within your chest

Pulses above all the rest

Yet I know

And gladly so

That you are

A true hero

For those who’ve given more than they had to.  You’re the heroes.