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Surviving Domestic Violence

Don’t Piss in My Cornflakes and Call It Sugar *Mature*


If you don’t care to read REALLY ugly words then maybe you should skip this one.

It has come to my attention of late that the obligatory, cold-blooded, monster that once ruled my life is now preying on my children. My gut was not wrong, he did have something up his slimy sleeve and I am incensed. Trust me when I say that it could get ugly in here as I am about to address this blood sucking asshole in this post and then I’m going to deliver the same to his wretched fucking face.

Dear Asshole

YOU have no fucking right to call MY children and try to make THEM feel sorry for YOU!

YOU hit your own daughter with your fucking broke down piece of shit truck with MY son in the passenger seat.

YOU left behind a god-damned mess for ME to clean up.

YOU do not give a shit about their well-being.

Do not ever call me again to express your concern for the daughter that YOU tried to destroy with your abuse, grandiose religious ideations and your self-predicated need to be right when you are nothing but fucking WRONG. They are not going to move in with you EVER. I do “get” that you, in your own depraved mind, believe that I am far from an adequate parent but why don’t you just face the shivering fact that the amount of fucks I give in regard to you is NONE.

DO NOT EVER drop by with your fucking clueless brother to offer your counterfeit concern.

Note to that brother of yours:

I called you on so many occasions asking for help and if I recall correctly you said, “Oh you know how *Jon* is, he would never hurt you or the children.” After he paralyzed my arm, smashed my head into the windshield, threw me to the ground, wrapped his fingers around my neck and choked me to unconsciousness while MY children watched. Shall I say here that you are without doubt full of more shit than your brother. Wasn’t it YOU who said, “make sure you investigate the story the kids told you about the truck incident, I find it hard to believe” when you called to “check in” on me? Well, dear ass-in-law, your niece cries herself to sleep at night over that fucking truck incident not to mention the two incidents prior to that when I in all my 110 pound glory had to punch your hick ass brother in the face to get him off her. She also, thanks to YA’LLS POSITION on the matter, feels guilty for no FUCKING reason, hence the lack of communications with all o’ ya’ll. My children had to listen to you all slaughter me at Christmas. Did you take into account their feelings then? I think the fuck not. Don’t push your luck with me, you will walk away holding your ass in your hand, I shit you not. On second thought, please do bring that whole fucked up clan of yours and don my doorstep at your own fucking risk because none, neigh not one of you will leave with your fragile egos intact. That’s not a threat, it is by god, a promise.

Now back to you Fuck head:

Your daughter is in a shit storm that only a soulless individual like yourself would use to gain yet another foothold on her distressed emotions. You’re not here, thank the gods, and you never will be here so let’s thank them again and here’s a newsflash just for you. She will never be THERE either and I do venture to say thank the gods for a THIRD time. You can take all of your severely challenged sense of save the fucking day and save your fucking self because I’m not the woman you once knew, and I’m fully prepared to fight like a tied Fiest fucks over my children and here’s a another fucking clue just for you. You’ll fucking lose!

Fuck You!

Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

34 thoughts on “Don’t Piss in My Cornflakes and Call It Sugar *Mature*

  1. so Powerful.
    fab. G.


  2. Great post. Fury is a powerful and wonderful feeling; hold onto it. Hats off to you for finding your voice and standing up for yourself and your children. So many women never get to that point! Sending happy thoughts your way.


    • Thank you. I love your name by the way.
      My fury keeps me strong! I can be vulnerable too though. It’s a balance. Thanks for the happy thoughts they are a great gift. 🙂


  3. Wow Tee. I felt every word of that. Very well said and I hope it’s a stick of (metaphorical) dynamite up his ass. It drives me CRAZY how unashamedly manipulative these men are. Urgh. x


    • I like the metaphor……a lot 😀
      He’s not finished and I may as well deal with it. But I am considering moving away. At least then he can’t show up on my doorstep, family in tow, to cause my babies more grief than my law allows.
      Big Hugs
      Tee ❤


  4. Bet this would scare the shit out of him – as well it should. Spineless spawn of Satan’s toilet that he his. How dare he try to mess with your kids. You should tell him to take a walk down the road in my post with the alligators but even they probably would turn up their nose at eating such an example of human effulgence. Prick – how’s your daughter?

    Damn I just cannot stand those who throw their weight around – literally – and then expect others to accept their spin doctored version of events. As for the asshole brother that boil on the but of diseased dingo, there is a special place in hell for those who don’t step in when they know there’s a problem. The fact that he even tried to insinuate that it was a ‘story’ earns him an extra special dank cell in hell.

    You take care of yourself and your kids and kick the shit out of the next person who even makes them sad for a second!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are an awesome wordsmith. My daughter is shaky but we will get through it together the way it was intended. I could not believe it when he called me about her and his pseudo concern. As for his brother, you called it right. They do have balls, but that’s ok, they truly are messin’ with the wrong chick.
      I don’t “get” why they don’t “get” that it’s just not a winning situation when choosing to mess with my children. You would think that they would have figured that out by now.
      Thank you Jenni for your support. I mean that.


  5. Wow – this is some incredible ranting – you go for it! Sometimes swearing, cursing, letting out is what we need to get revved up, stay sane – or both;). You gots a whole team of cheerleaders here ready to rant along – give me F, give me a U ……..:)


  6. Well said. Hope that guy reads this and fucks right off 😛


  7. Teela,
    You are awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I have the utmost respect for you right now, Momma Bear. Well put.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Nice vent Teela! I hate what they do to the kids….I am doing a lot of damage control with the kids. They need us to stay strong for them. How old are your kids?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you AoA. The kids are 14 and 15. And my daughter is in a real state of suffering right now.
      I don’t know how I’m going to rectify this situation. I can only do my best and fight like never before.
      Big hugs
      T ❤


      • I don’t mention my older children much…they are 26 and 24. They were young (8 and 10) when I got with the abuser. I was so naive…I never realized the effects on them. Their step dad kicked them out of the home before they were 18- sent them to live with their father. I spent a lot of time in therapy with my daughter…good news-they are both able to work, go to school, and have relationships with others. They give me hope for the younger ones… You are a strong support for your kids. These years are very hard for them-add the domestic violence experience and you have kids who need you more than ever, but may not admit it. Watching our children suffer is a torturous pain… 💛💙💜AoA


      • Thank you for sharing that with me. ❤ I have an older son and daughter, 27 and 23. They were 3 and 6 when I married the ex. My oldest daughter hates me but my oldest son Carey does support me and he helps with the younger kids.
        It is an awful experience to see them in so much turmoil. We will get through it. Thank you again.


  10. Nice post. Great way to vent about a dumb fucking piece of shit who did horrible things to you and your kids. Words can never be foul or strong enough to express the true rage and hurt such mother fuckers burn into us. Fuck em.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. It’s empowering to have a voice now isn’t it? Sorry he’s being him and I hope he gets the message (Although I know they never do). I hope this has helped you too. Hugs xo


  12. Bloody well said, Teela. That’s the spirit. Seriously, though, I am so sorry to hear about this Narcissistic manipulative ploy to keep the ego intact. Using children in this way is despicable – and I don’t blame you for taking the firmest of firm stands. Fuckers like that do not learn from their mistakes because, from their viewpoint, they don’t make any; it is all the other person’s fault. Hang in there, brave lady. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Ali,
      I couldn’t help it. This type post is therapeutic for me and I don’t mean to offend anyone, but it’s necessary for me to vent sometimes. I’m getting ready to make that vent to the face of the fool.
      Your encouragement is so appreciated.


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