Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

You and I


You and I

You and I


You made an empty promise

You made it very clear

You said I was your princess

You said you’d never leave

I wrapped my arms around your legs

I shot up to the sky

I trusted everything you said

I never asked for lies

You didn’t seem to care that day

You screamed into my face

You turned those hurtful words

You knew they had no place

I gave you all my loyalty

I gave you one more chance

I gave you all you asked of me

I gave you my embrace

You struck my heart, my soul, my mind

You brought me to my knees

You lied again; I’d simply sigh

You blamed it all on me

I sank into my own abyss

I had nowhere to turn

I must have been at fault for this

I deserved that hateful burn

You’ll be sorry that fateful day

You see my back and not my face

You will know too late to say

You will see me walk away

I don’t need your empty promise

I don’t want your warm embrace

I’ve never been your princess and

I hate your lying ways

You can take your filthy guilt

You can find another trip

You can hurt somebody else

You were meant for nothing less














Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

14 thoughts on “You and I

  1. Your words touch a place deep in my soul…beautiful…💜


  2. Well written as always 🙂


  3. Your poem also reminded me of this song.

    by Adema

    I went outside to take a walk
    So I could relive memories
    I thought that you would lend a hand
    But you were never ever there
    It’s all in your mind
    You do what you wanna do

    Your promises are all played out
    You’ve got your wish you’ve worn me down
    I treated you the best I could
    I realize that I don’t need you

    I lost my way when you left home
    I thought that you could change your life
    What did I do why do you lie
    You’ve walked back in my hands are tied

    I’m tired I’m so damn angry
    With you
    Your not gonna change
    I see who you really are

    Your promises your promises
    They’re all played out
    Your so played out your so played out
    There all played out


  4. I guess this is the poem we talked about last night. You should give yourself more credit Tee, this is a beautiful, sad, gut-wrenching poem. You captured the perspective you wrote from excellently. It reminds me of the first poem I ever wrote, that I wrote from a place of deep pain. Before I wrote it, I hated writing, but the pain was deep and I needed an outlet for it, and something in me changed, and I did something new, and I was reborn like a phoenix from the pain as a poet. I’ll share the poem below.

    (Written July/August 2004)

    “Forgetting My Father”
    by Ry Hakari

    For a long time now
    I haven’t seen you
    This pain
    It’s so real
    It’s just starting to heal
    I want to forget you
    To leave you behind
    It’s been so long
    Over ten years
    But now I see
    The difficulty
    Now I know
    It won’t be that easy

    Know that I’ve come to the point where I can forgive you
    Know that I already have
    That doesn’t mean I want to know you
    Know that I’ll never call you dad

    My father
    Once my closest friend
    I wonder why
    We thought it’d never end
    I watched it die
    So long ago
    I’m telling you now
    I’m letting you go
    After all of these years
    And all of these tears
    Now I’m through with you
    And every last thing that you do

    You’re living in sin
    I don’t care were you’ve been
    Not today
    Please just keep away
    I don’t know you
    You’re a stranger now
    And if I saw you now
    I wouldn’t know you
    I wouldn’t want to

    You should repent
    Not to me
    To god
    All this time that I’ve spent
    Far away from you
    Don’t you find it odd
    You’re not getting the letters
    The letters I’ve never sent
    You’ve been dishing out pain
    Without even knowing it
    You’ve been dealing it in spades
    I hope you can live with the mistakes you’ve made
    God knows you’ll take it to the grave
    Just like he knows everything
    That fact alone should frighten you
    The fact that it doesn’t frightens me

    Know that I’ve come to the point where I can forgive you
    Know that I already have
    That doesn’t mean I want to know you
    Know that I’ll never call you dad

    I lose a lot of sleep now
    But it’s never over you
    I’ve had a lot on my mind lately
    Just like I always do
    I’ve had a hard life
    No thanks to you
    After all you’ve put me through
    I still forgive you
    It was hard to do
    It’s hard to admit
    But I never quit
    What I want now
    All I want to get
    Is you out of my mind
    I want to forget


  5. What an awesome post!!!! ❤


  6. Brilliant and sad, Teela – and oh so recognisable. A tragic anthem to a corrupted love’. xxx


  7. wow…I have no words. I had tears while reading over your blog.


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