Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

To Be a Rock and Not to Roll


Sometimes words have two meanings and all our thoughts are misgiven.

But my hope lies in the whispering wind, “to be a rock and not to roll.”

Some things still turn to gold.”


Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

43 thoughts on “To Be a Rock and Not to Roll

  1. ‘im just a Led DeadHead…. that was in the KingDome the night they (Zoso) cracked it in ’76…. and raised her son at Rainbow Family Peace Gatherings… there. dated. 😉


  2. People told me “you rock!” since I was little. I am the girl who’s rocking. Some days ago, I told my friend “my rock really rolled down the valley lately, I wonder if I can roll it back up”.

    So yeah, I relate to your post! It felt like you were talking to me. 😀


  3. Music . . . the mood master 😉

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  4. http://www.xkcd.com/339/

    Zeppelin was the soundtrack of my misspent youth. 🙂

    And disco still sucks. 😀

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  5. And of course you know…I saw Led in Dallas in 1970. That is how old I am.

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  6. Teela Hun,
    It is good to see you (read you) happy and enjoying music.
    You make me smile today (even though my Dallas Boy lost the Masters to that other dude)
    *smiling with you*


  7. It’s a tragedy, I’m 27, and this is the first time I’ve ever stopped to listen to this song. It’s beautiful, I get why it’s famous now lol I looked the lyrics up too, I like them.

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  8. The least circuitous route to this Texan’s heart goes up the Stairway to Heaven. And funny you should know that. Hahahah!

    Safe bet for any Texan.


  9. Good song, and excellent movie! Zeppelin was one of a kind……..I like When the Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin II)


    • I came this () close to posting that song……. 😀


      • That’s one of my all time favorite songs, especially when I am having a ‘bipolar moment” and feel like my levee is about to break 🙂


      • I love it too, it is my favorite song, of all time…. 🙂

        I know that feeling all too well………


      • Yeah, my levee hasn’t been real strong recently….can’t have any hurricanes around here, but all I have is a cat and she doesn’t care as long as feed and pet her 🙂


      • I’m struggling with keeping mine shored up as well. No….. no hurricanes or you know….
        I have my children and they help as long as I feed and pet them too…….. LOL 😀


      • Yeah, you do have feed and pet the kids 🙂 I do not know yet whether not having children is a blessing in that they don’t have to grow up with a parent who has sometimes extreme mood swings, or if I have somehow been deprived of something really special and incomprehensible as the bond between mother and child.


  10. The Alchemy of Zeppelin. 🙂


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