Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

12 thoughts on “Time to Take the Harsh Outta My Mellow

  1. OMG, You love Lynyrd Skynyrd too! We must be kin. You have to love Marmalade.


  2. One of my favorite bands ever! 🙂


  3. I love this, and it makes me want to gather up my children, get in the car, and drive across the country until I hit the Pacific. And then live on the beach.


  4. PS- keep 4gettin 2tellya i ❤ your 2 profile pics… the one on the swing beautifully represents this theme i refuse to let go of…. 'an' you can't make me'… 😉


  5. (your terminology creepily takes me back to junior high…. you?)

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  6. okay…. earlier Skynyrd reference you made NOW makes sense. Is that why Momm used to slap me upside the head for wearing my ‘shades’ in the house for?


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