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Surviving Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Why People Don’t Leave.


IFS Professional Development Unit

This is a TED talk by Leslie Morgan Steiner on why domestic violence victims don’t leave. She discusses her personal experiences with domestic violence while filling us in on the statistics. Various patterns of abusive relationships are revealed.

What stood out the most for me was the common factor of isolation. So many people I have met who are dealing with abusive relationships have recently moved to a new city where they have no supports. Watch the video for all the other patterns!

Leave a comment about what stood out for you!

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Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

7 thoughts on “Domestic Violence: Why People Don’t Leave.

  1. Moving, honest and educational. Sadly I don’t have hope for quick change. We play a big part of turning the tide. I look at myself different after hearing her story. FYI If you follow my Twitter all you will see is my tweets to favorite artist. Brain drain time. So glad you found the video.


  2. Can’t watch the video, but I assume a lot of domestic violence is a two way street for many. I know personally several women who’d finally leave their abuser and go find another one. This is most unfortunate and therapy is needed for the poor women who think this treatment is love, so they can not only leave but stay away from other abusive men. t/y


  3. Unfortunately, I can’t access the video at present, Teela – but I’ll try again later! xxx


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