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A Must Have App For All Women In Danger

Awesome App……Thank you Ladywithatruck!

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My sister in law is visiting and made me aware of an app you can download for free that has the potential to save lives. This is a link to the news article about it. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/30/ca-whengeorgiasmiled-idUSnPnLA2PhzY+169+PRN20131030

Dr Phil’s wife Robin McGraw has a foundation for helping victims of domestic and is offering this app that can be downloaded to your cell phone. It appears on your cell as a news app so anyone snooping on your phone will not be alerted to it. You use a prerecorded message or record your own, if you are in danger you only have to activate the program and it automatically calls a number that you have programmed in or it can call 911. Once it makes the call it immediately starts recording everything that is going on to be used later as evidence if needed for court. 

I think it is a great idea…

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Domestic Violence: Why People Don’t Leave.

IFS Professional Development Unit

This is a TED talk by Leslie Morgan Steiner on why domestic violence victims don’t leave. She discusses her personal experiences with domestic violence while filling us in on the statistics. Various patterns of abusive relationships are revealed.

What stood out the most for me was the common factor of isolation. So many people I have met who are dealing with abusive relationships have recently moved to a new city where they have no supports. Watch the video for all the other patterns!

Leave a comment about what stood out for you!

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Chalk Outline

Recently, on a visit to the Cut-Throat Club Online I found a song that one of my fellow Cut-Throats, Sunshine, posted.

I had all but forgotten about this song until that day. I’d listened to it repeatedly all summer long.

I traveled anywhere and everywhere over the last summer and the radio blasted most of the time. I had to drive, feel the push of the clutch, the stick in my hand.  I would decide when the motor revved and when it quieted.

I’d dreamt of liberation, I’d tasted it’s goodness, it smelled of sweet honeysuckle and it was good.  It also came with a price.  A price that I didn’t know I’d paid.


“Who is this? Where did she come from? I don’t recognize her.” My anger bubbled and burst.

“Where am I? What happened to me? Where did I go?” Grief settled as dew on a barren soul.

The rubber met the road and I drove….hard and fast. Just not fast enough or hard enough to get away from the woman I’d become and not slow and cautious enough to find the woman I’d lost.

They said welcome back. They said they’d missed me. They said it was good to see the “real” me again.

They didn’t know that I’d died. They didn’t know that I’d become nothing more than a chalk outline.

Neither did I.


I stood before *Jon* this week as neither the woman he’d killed nor the woman he’d created.  He didn’t know that the dead can’t speak.

In my death, Tee had risen and she walked away today, for the last time, with Victory in her hands.

Each victorious step leads to another step of victory.  It is you, my community here that gives me that gift.  Know that.

I’ve included the music video as a memorial to her.  Thank you Sunshine.

Don’t grieve for her.  She’s at peace now.

I’m at the wheel and I’m a survivor.