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Just Call Me Rocky


I have to say this has been a helluva week.

So, I’m just gonna spill the beans or at least a few of them. I’ve learned something over the past couple of days and I think it’s important that I tell it.

I’m going to be forced to see *Jon* every day this week and for the sake of legality I can’t tell you the reason outright. But know this: IT’S OUT OF MY HANDS. It was a blow. A HUGE blow. Not to mention all the regular shit that occurs on any given day.

My initial response, as is usual with me, is to shrink back into my cocoon and hide. So I made the post “I’m Out”.

Then I saw all the support ya’ll handed out and was overwhelmed. As luck would have it today, I stumbled upon Rocky and I watched (for the 4th or 5th time) , needless to say I had an epiphany.

I’m in the ring, up against Mason, “The Line”, Dixon, getting my ass beat to a pulp (in my own mind). And each and every one of you have my back. Standing in my corner, cheering me on.

You’re all my “Micky”.  The bell dings, round 573 is over and you give me a stool, rub my shoulders, shoot hydration down my throat.

You advise, remind, pump me up, tell me “you got this, you can do it, now get out there and show him what you got! You trained for this all year, you’re ready, you know what to do!”

What you don’t do is give up on me because you believe in me, you know that I got this. You know he’s got a TKO comin’ to him and that I’m gonna be the one to oblige.

I thank the hell outta ya’ll for that shit. I really do.

I can’t think of any better way to say it.

I love ya’ll.

Almost forgot.  What did I learn?  I AM NOT ALONE!


Ok, I admit I ain’t no Rocky, mainly because I’m a chick.  I won’t cite the other obvious reasons

But ya’ll get the drift.


Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

48 thoughts on “Just Call Me Rocky

  1. I only just read this but totally agree with what everyone is saying.


  2. You’re fighting a battle like he did. Sorry he’s putting you though this.


  3. I have read your words:
    I breathe in your hurt; I breathe out your hurt
    and leave you with my care and love


  4. How about Foxy, it sort of rhymes with Rocky, and sounds more feminine, and goes along with some of your recent posts! or perhaps “Mo Chuisle”, the nickname Maggie’s trainer gave her in the boxing movie Million Dollar Baby 🙂 I’ll pray for you daily this week, for courage, emotional endurance, and the discernment to know how best to interact in a way that is most advantageous to you.

    “The same hand that can write a beautiful poem, can knock you out with one punch—that’s Poetic Justice.”
    ― Wayne Kelly

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  5. Way to make me cry!! Wishing I could have been a better friend to you, but SO FUCKING PROUD of you!


    • Ohhh Nikki, I love you. You ARE a good friend to me and I wish I had been a better friend to you too. We had some pretty extenuatin’ circumstances to deal with. I’m fucking proud of you Nikki, to the moon proud!!!
      I love you Sis.


  6. You are an inspiration !


  7. You most certainly are not alone, Teela. I shall be there, cheering you on and passing the sponge and the lemon slice at each break! Seriously, whatever the situation is, I send you love, hugs and strength in facing ‘Jon’. You can do it, girl! Ali xxx


  8. Love you Tee…you make me so proud…you strike me with awe – you are so wise and so fucking strong.
    Hey I’ll even let you sit one out and I’ll get a few in for you while you get fanned with huge leaves and fed grapes in the corner for a few… YOU DO GOT THIS…like it’s all day long, you got this.


    • I love you J.
      You tickle the shit outta me.
      You do have a way with words.
      I’ll totally envision that statement all week. And of course you poppin’ a few caps in my stead. 😀
      I meant to reblog this on CTC last night, but got distracted. I’ll do it now.
      Big ass hugs all around!!!!


  9. I read a series by Jacqueline Carey – The Kusheline Cycle and there is a was a line in this series that kept coming back to me ‘That which yields is not always weak’. There are times for safety and prudence that one must yield but that does not make us weak.

    It does not mean we gave in or are giving in it means we are strong enough to survive anything that life throws our way. So yeah go kick his arse and for every time you go up against him – we’re all all knowing you’re not weak and that the ijit in question will learn what strength you truly have.


    • Jenni,
      I may have to acquire that series.
      The words speak volumes.
      I will have to file this comment, as I regularly feel like a failure. It’s friends like you and all the others that remind me regularly that I’m a survivor. Even fighters have to seek shelter for a reprieve.
      And the ijit is in for a surprise. Thank you for shoring me up.


  10. Oh hell yeah, and I can do a mean Mickey, “Come On Rock!”, in a super gravelly voice….you definitely got this…:)


  11. Hey, really glad you were not “out” for long. Being a fighter can be tough business sometimes. But hey you said it “You got this.” Know this you can make this fight you are in seem so easy when you come out on the other side stronger than you are now. Kick some ass. Take some names. Keep up the wonderful work. And hey we give love to you because we get it back in all that you are doing. I am thoroughly impressed that you actually related yourself to Rocky. Am glad to continue being your Mick.


  12. Hello. Here is a modern theme tune and its a woman!


  13. I hope this week you can find time for those soul-feeding things you can do for yourself, to bolster your spirit. “You Time” sort of things. Buying yourself flowers, or a special latte, or making yourself your favorite holiday dessert. You know what I mean. It really helps. I forget to do this, all the time. You can do this. You will.


  14. Teela, thank you for your courage and bravery. A person cannot be either of these without “doing it afraid.” You inapire and encourage, you have no idea. Thank you for allowing me to travel this path with you.
    Oh, and my devil’s name is Jon as well. Might be in the name…

    You are NOT the you he knew and expects. This already makes you the winner!



  15. You may not be Rocky, but you definitely ROCK and so I dub thee: ROCKETTE! Now, breathe deeply and do what ya gotta do! Hugs…


    • I like that. 😀 Should’ve talked to you before I posted this one.
      You may have to remind me of this later this week.
      In fact probably will.
      Hugs right back.


  16. So glad of your epiphany! I love the term “spiritual partnerships” to describe what I have found here…(also a book by that title that sits next to my bed waiting to be internalized through pure osmosis😉). I don’t know any of you personally, but it feels like we are sharing a journey. Praying for you all…💛💙💜


  17. Darn I was just getting to be able to picture you boxing to Eye of the Tiger. You can be a pretty Rocky. 🙂 We love you a bunch… and we wont ever leave you behind. We are all each one and each one of us is us all.


  18. You are definitely not alone. Take care and keep breathing.


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