Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

What I Want


This post is one that expresses my desire as a woman.  Being an abused woman doesn’t exclude me from a woman who needs to be loved and cherished.  I deserve that.  We all do.  We are worthy of love and care.  We deserve it.

I want and need a simple man.  Which brings to mind a song I love and reminds me of a man I know and adore.

Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

18 thoughts on “What I Want

  1. That was awesome. I’m laughing here because that is one of my husband’s favorite songs. He sings it to me sometimes when I’m about to get annoyed with him. He is so not a simple man, but the sentiment is very sweet of him.


  2. alienorajt thank you for nominating Teela for this award.
    I’m relatively new to this but have found Teela to be such an inspiration such a lovely lass. I know she deserves this award so much.
    Could you let me know how to vote please as I’d like to add my support to your nomination.
    Teela keep smiling and remember we all deserve that special person in our lives. I was lucky enough to find mine a few year back and know you more than most deserve the same.


  3. Oh, me too, Teela. If anything, being an abused woman makes you EVEN MORE of a woman (in my view) because you have not given way to defensiveness or hardness and remain (as far as I can see, having never met you) a lovely person and the essence of womanhood. You are prefect the way you are – and truly deserving of the man of your dreams. Ali xxx


  4. That’s all I desire too 🙂 Always loved this song! Enjoyed the post ☮


  5. I have so much good (and bad) opinion of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
    Mostly dating back to the death physically and mentally, of a good and dear friend of mine who embraced too much, and found himself NOT bullet proof.
    He was just another victim of That Lie of Youth.
    I do love the music.
    Thank you Teela.


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