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Surviving Domestic Violence

Lifes Journey – For Teela


My good friend Jenni over at Unload and Unwind made this post for me as she knew I was feeling a little down yesterday and I wanted to share it with ya’ll. It touched my heart and I want her to know just how much her friendship means to me.

Unload and Unwind

dance of life

I think that sometimes it is important to remember how far we’ve come and take joy in the journey you’ve now set for yourself. I thought that a very brave woman who I’ve met here [Surviving Domestic Violence] could do with a reminder of just how much she has changed her life.

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Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

5 thoughts on “Lifes Journey – For Teela

  1. Thank you – take care.


  2. Teela you not only have achieved all your friend says. You are using your experience to help others. You are taking a bad experience and turning it into such a positive thing with your efforts to fight for folk who have been abused. I don’t know you but I know from your writing and your support of others that you are not only a survivor but you are someone who will achieve all they want in life.
    Thank you for the work you do, for the wonderful writing you do and the support you give others.

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  3. Lovely, Teela, Jenni – so touching. xxx


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