Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence


Trigger Warning



Does it bother you?

Do you think if you ignore it, it’ll go away?

Do you think abuse is the victim’s fault?

It happens to 1 out of 4 women every day and 1 out of every 6 men are abused daily.

Does that bother you?

It’s probably happening to someone you know right this second.

Does that bother you?

It that is the case, are you complicit by “walking on by” and minding your own business.

That bothers me.

If indeed you walk on by and mind your own business, do you think it’s the victim’s fault?

That bothers me.

Would you rather I not post such graphic content while you watch mindless TV/ Motion Pictures of a disturbingly graphic nature?

That fuckin’ bothers me.

Would you like to know who else it bothers?  EVERY LAST VICTIM ON EARTH WHO GETS TO SEE IT FIRST HAND.