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Versatile Blogger and Very Inspiring Blogger


Versatile Blogger

Versatile Blog

I was nominated a while back by belsbror for the Versatile Blogger Award as well as the Very Inspiring Award.  If you have never read his blog you should go check him out.  His blog is awesome.

I am very honored and at a loss for words.  I want to thank those who read my blog and I pray that the words I share will in some way help others to be aware of the damaging effects of Domestic Violence and most of all I hope they help others to see they are not alone.  They have a voice and are free to share it.  I will listen.  I promise.

My nominees for both awards are:






Very Inspiring Award

Very Inspiring Award

Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

23 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger and Very Inspiring Blogger

  1. Congrats sista! You are so deserving of this!


  2. Aaah!! Here we are! Congrats on your nomination, Tee!! And thank you for putting me up there for an award. Heartwarming and humbling 🙂


    • Your welcome. I suspect OM’s work is causing some upheaval…..
      Hopefully it will correct itself.
      And congratulations.


      • OM?
        I think I can see everything that I commented on. But for some reason I had a hard time coming across the award announcement you made.
        I started following you on Twitter (I’m not on there much but will check it every once in a while). I am anonymous on there too @ennobsuhc.
        Wonky day… I’m compelled to think today was a strange day because I tried to ‘take the day off’. Way out of character for me. I had this huge revelation last night during and after my ACA meeting (did you see that long and dense post?) and I guess I was trying to push the progress. But some things felt really shaky…and me disoriented as I did that. Easy does it, I guess, as they say. Rome wasn’t built in a day…eh.


      • Yea, I’ve had those days. My children remind me of that frequently.
        I check my twitter when I get a notification in my mailbox. That’s about it.
        Well, maybe we got it strait now.
        Just one of those days and no I didn’t get the post about the ACA, I’ll look for it now.

        Take it easy. One day at a time.


  3. Congratulations! I am still a new groupie but I have been inspired by your posts. I have a good friend who has had a dark life and I have told her to check out your blog. I know she has. She is shy and will not comment but I do know that she has been inspired by your words. xxx


    • Thank you so much. I’m so glad you enjoy my posts and tell your friend I say hello and my thoughts are with her. I hope my words help her.
      And I always enjoy your comments.
      Big Hugs


  4. Many congratulations Teela!


  5. First of all, congratulations. Your blog really captures the essence of the movement to raise awareness of domestic violence so that victims can find inspiration to help themselves. You deserve it. Thank you for your kind nomination, I hope you are happy Teela today.


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