Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

The Rock


In vain

I try

To crawl

From beneath

The rock

That you

Have placed

Upon me

My bones

Are crushed

Form imprints

In dust

Freedom may

Be a

Frame of

Mind but

In my

Life it’s

A place

I’m buried

With no

Way out

No one

Can see

My filthy

Hand that

Reaches out

To be

Completely free.


Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

17 thoughts on “The Rock

  1. The feeling of being trapped is a frightful thing; especially when you allow yourself to be mislead. Only by believing more in yourself and adapting to the situation, you will see your way clear. One step at a time . . . It works like magic. And more importantly, you will be able to look back and wonder: How did I get out from under that rock? . It is then you will realize that being trapped is only a lucky chance to make yourself better. And the reward is . . . you will like yourself better. On the other hand, I thought the poem expressed “Being Trapped” brilliantly. You are an excellent writer, Teela.


  2. Live these images. Especially-
    “My filthy
    Hand that
    Reaches out
    To be
    Completely free.”

    I have been there and in some aspects, still am.

    Great piece.



  3. Beautiful…love love love xxx


  4. you have described how I feel and have been feeling these past few weeks. for me, the rock is placed there by …..me. One would think i could move it, but i am really struggling in doing just that. i do hope you feel better:) xx


  5. beautiful Tee! Put your rock in my trunk and we’ll call it a day?!


  6. I love the image of the hand reaching out. there is always a part of us that keeps trying and reaching…


  7. Wonderful images, Teela; I can identify with much of what you say. xxx


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