Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

Pleased To Meet You…


And since there is no game or anything like that… My name, for the purpose of this site, is Carey Hart. That’s right, proud son of your loved Teela. I found out about her blog in probably the first week of this momentous process. She was all excited “look at what I did Carey! I did this all by my lonesome!” I know how well my mother writes and how much of her own heart she pours into it, but I never expected the amount of love you have all given her. I thank you all. It truly means the world to her, and me, that she isn’t alone.

OK so..
I want you all to know that she has allowed me to write some of my feelings on here. just don’t get your hopes up, I am nowhere near as good as her. πŸ™‚

35 thoughts on “Pleased To Meet You…

  1. I would be delighted if you accept the “I am part of the Word Press Family Award”
    This is a VERY EASY Award, just pick 10 people. I ask you keep the quote in.
    Should you not accept could you PLEASE pass it onto a friend who will…

    More love, less hate


  2. Loving the “Family Blog”! It is great that you are sharing this interest /activity with your mom! My adult child signed us up for a 5k….I think blogging together sounds more my speed;-). I’m going to tell her about you doing this!


  3. Computer Games are me.
    My life.
    Writing is a waste of time
    And you know I am joking
    (But I really love Civ V)


  4. Hello Carey, nice to meet you.


  5. So nice to see the support that you have for your mom. She is a great person. This is why I know that you are too. Meghan


  6. So I guess this kinda makes me an “Aunt” you’ve never met or heard of before….lol…the cool one, who lives in Cali and likes big guns, though…
    Welcome Carey!!! You must make your Mama so proud…


  7. From the short paragraph you wrote, I think you will do very well. I look forward to reading more posts by you.


  8. Excellent another Hart to read. πŸ™‚


  9. Ah, how lovely to meet you, Carey. x


  10. welcome and very cool to meet you Carey! Good job Tee!


  11. Reblogged this on Teela Hart and commented:

    I would like to introduce my oldest son Carey Hart as a new Author on my site. I am so proud and honored that he wants to get involved.
    I love him more than words can express. I’m blessed we can take this journey together. I love you Carey.


  12. Hello, Carey. Your mother is an excellent writer and an excellent mother. If she hasn’t found that out yet, she will in short order with your help. It is clear to me she only wants what’s best for you. Would that my mother had decided the same. Not all of us get to be so lucky. The difference is enormous.
    Maybe we’ll see you more here. Part of your mother’s story is yours and can only help in telling it.


  13. I’m glad to be here πŸ™‚


  14. Nice…


  15. It’s good to meet you, Carey.


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