Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

3 thoughts on “10,000 Turned Away

  1. I would love to sign but unfortunately my zip code is in Australian and it won’t take it. I hope that many people step up and put their names to the paper as it is beyond wrong that many of those who found the courage to run found nowhere to run to. Blessed Be on the work you do.


    • Thank you Jenni,
      Hopefully they are stepping up. When I posted the stats earlier this week I was shocked that this was even in the stats.
      It happened to me in 2010. I went to stay with my mother, but legal services and help from the DVC all failed us. I went back. I was fortunate enough to finally get out 3 years later. Many don’t. If they do they are killed.
      It is truly a tragedy.


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