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Surviving Domestic Violence

He is not Really Heavy: He is my Brother


I want to those who have shared their hearts cry, written their words in blood and tears. I’m so glad you have found your voice and I dare say that if we all felt this way domestic violence would not exist, wars would cease, hunger would be eradicated, and the list goes on.
I want you all to know that you ain’t heavy; you’re my sisters and brothers. Please take pause, read and listen. Five minutes to know how much I truly do care.

I didn’t give Lance proper credit for this blog post.  We were having a conversation and this song came into the mix.  Thank you Lance.  You’re my hero.

Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics

Posted for Teela:

Here is a no shitter story:

I talked to my ever-so-cool step-sister back in the Seventies about this song.

She said to me,

“Lance, what does this song mean to you?”

I said (thirteen years old), I said, it is about some dude carrying his brother out of a war zone in a desert, and some guy comes up and says, ‘Is he heavy?’

And the dude says, “No. He’s my brother.”

My step-sister just left me there, all alone, wondering why I was not cool.

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Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

5 thoughts on “He is not Really Heavy: He is my Brother

  1. Thanks Teela for reblogging.
    And sorry for my waaayyyyy too tardy response.
    Sometimes I get lost out here in Cyber-Lance…er…’Land’


  2. I love the song, it makes sense to mean how to show our caring for those who need our shoulders and strength to escape the Hell they are living in. I worked in a Battered Women’s Shelter for only 18 months but lots of stories that I have kept in a notebook. I think there is no better place than here, for those who need to have a forum. You are offering ‘shelter’ on your blog, Teela! Hugs for that! Robin


    • Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me.
      I never thought of my blog in that light. I appreciate it. I certainly hope my words help someone. If only one, that is enough.


    • I was responding and poof, it was gone. Forgive if I’ve responded twice.
      Thank you so much. I have never seen my blog in that light. It means more than you know.
      I wish I had known about such things years ago, maybe I would have left sooner.


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