Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence

7 thoughts on “Shocking

  1. I am SO glad I got my son away from his abusive father/my abusive husband when he was 12 weeks old. He will never remember the hurt and pain I endured in front of him. This was heartbreaking.


  2. Reblogged this on Unload and Unwind and commented:
    I don’t think I’ve been quite so devastated by simple fact in all my life. I understood intellectually that domestic violence had far reaching consequences for all involved but it is another thing entirely to see and feel the pain of children who have already experienced what you would wish to protect them from.
    I’d like to thank Teela Hart for her commitment to sharing the stories of those impacted by violence and wish her all blessings on her life now. Blessed Be and your bravery and commitment is recognised and applauded.


  3. Wow, this really IS shocking. A must watch for anyone who thinks children aren’t affected by living in a home with domestic abuse. Thanks for sharing it Teela.


  4. Each person has to resolve to stop and then be supported by the rest of us, held up, held back and loved. We all have to work together to stop the heartbreak.


  5. Oh goddess, there really are no words, none. I hate crying, really hate it but that … some things just shouldn’t be.


    • It is heartbreaking…..and as hard as it is to watch, it needs to be known. This silent killer is destroying the futures of our children. I cannot remain silent any longer. It eats away at me like cancer. That shouldn’t be. Thank you for your support.


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