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Surviving Domestic Violence

My Own Personal Tsunami




As many of you know, most of my blog posts describe in detail my own encounters with domestic violence. I have noticed that with each post comes a significant amount of emotional upheaval. This can be cleansing as well as draining and by draining, I mean the tsunami kind of wipe out.

As a result, I have chosen to post videos, which address the issues women and men encounter every day. It is imperative to my well-being to take a break of sorts before journeying on with the rest of my hideous saga.

I hope you all understand and will be patient with me.

I want to thank all those who follow and support me in my journey to recovery.

Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

27 thoughts on “My Own Personal Tsunami

  1. I very much relate to this and have actually started a blog, shut it down, then started up another one, flipping back and forth between privatizing posts, feeling the need to share, and then feeling overwhelmed by it all, usually when regular stresses happen in life…hence the c-ptsd… great post thanks.


  2. Teela, I found your blog through a mutual blogger. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story. It seems we have a lot in common. Blessings to you! Willow~


  3. Prayers coming your way, my friend.


  4. I totally understand. Your primary duty is to take care of yourself, gently and heal. I often wonder if rehashing things is a good myself and I take breaks. However, I know I do know it helps on some level to process it, you will know. Thank you so much for your posts that have helped me “process” my own journey. Your blog was a welcoming presence for me here at WordPress. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend taking care of yourself, you deserve it.


  5. Totally understand. I haven’t yet managed to ‘finish’ my story either, but like you, the story often comes out when writing about other aspects of domestic abuse.

    We appreciate all the effort you put in, and of course the information you share. Take your time, and keep it up!


  6. Interesting. My wife who is a survivor as well had been working with a group here where I live. She had actually gotten to tell her story it was put on the news. They were so impressed with her that they paid for her to go to their national conference. I thought she was on a role and this would help her heal.
    She just told me that she is not currently interested in pursuing her activities there because she, at the moment, doesn’t want to be only an abuse survivor. I think she is taking a break but sometimes you have to put the identity down. There is a life past this pain and that’s what you are aiming for. It’s all right to do things outside of your abuse story or just sit and think. To have a life is to be a lot of things, not just one thing.
    Obviously you need to get this pain out to heal. But you can just be a person sometimes. In fact it’s imperative that you do since it reminds you that you are more than just a survivor and that the pain was imposed on you and was not of your own making.
    My wife just told me to “be”. Hard to do even for people who have what we would call “normal lives”. Give yourself the chance.


  7. You are in charge, you share or don’t as you need. Sometimes just focusing on the positive for awhile is a welcome relief. Be patient and take care of you first.


  8. I have been experiencing the same issue lately, though the upheaval is not from blogging. I go through months at a time where I can reach out, and then spans of time where I can only look in, or not look at all. I am so happy you are taking care of yourself. This allows you to heal.


  9. I think it is such an important thing to be able to recognise when sharing these things is becoming too much. And it takes a lot of strength to be able to keep yourself safe like this. When the draining begins to take over the cleansing part, knowing you need to take a step back is so important and I’m so glad you can do this for you. I battle with that at times and it’s such a fine line isn’t it?! But whatever you decide to post we all understand and are right here with you xx


  10. Take whatever space you need. No explanation needed. Write when it is helpful, don’t write when it isn’t. Take care of yourself, my dear


  11. Yes Teela…you are the boss of you…and you know what you need. Listen to that place in your “gut” and do exactly what it tells you…it is never wrong. I will send all good energy your way…know you are cared about. Lorrie


  12. *Hugs* I have been there. There were days where I posted so many videos it was impossible for people to see them all. Just something different. So I didn’t have to dredge up my own sludge.

    Take your time. You need to do what you need to do to have your peace. It is emotionally difficult to do this, and you will need breaks.


    • Thank you so much for that. You have no idea how much that means to me. I needed to hear it.


      • Teela, I promise you as time goes on, sharing will get easier. But it’s best to not overwhelm yourself, because it can end up triggering you…. a *serious* no holds barred kind of trigger. The point is to heal from the pain, not subject yourself to more.

        We’ll be here 🙂 Why wouldn’t we? We heart you!

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