Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence


I’m sorry for letting you down.

This post brought tears to my eyes as I have children of my own and I felt it necessary to share with you all. Let us offer support to teen survivor. She needs our support.

teen survivor of domestic violence

   Why does this happen so often, the feeling of pain and anger, it’s like that’s all there is left in me.  I feel like I’m dying, I need to escape from this life. It has only caused me pain and heartache. 

I cried out but no one heard me. Most days I feel like I deserve all of this, it’s my fault anyway. I should have done things differently and maybe this wouldn’t have happened.  I feel like each day I get worse and worse but I don’t want help.  I fake a smile everyday because I don’t want to upset my parents. No one knows I cry almost every night and sometimes I don’t even know why.  

There is no hope for me, I have given up on everything, and I am a disappointment to my family.  I am dying inside. I lay in bed everyday just…

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