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Surviving Domestic Violence

911 I have had numerous questions in reguard to Lisa’s fate and decided to re-post.


This video may be disturbing but it is an ugly truth that needs to be heard.  More than 10 million children witness domestic violence every year in he US.

I am compelled   PASSIONATE about this issue and I invite you to watch as this small child is forced to act on behalf of her mother and siblings.

I have searched to find the outcome of this horrific event and have yet to find it, however, the true point is to show that there are many, many instances that occur everyday  leaving us bereft of any awareness not to mention answers.  Bringing forward the real truth that these occurrences are ignored and unknown to so many is the true tragedy. My hope is to bring it out in the face of the public to such a degree that we may be forced to see the ugliness that  relentlessly destroys.

Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

38 thoughts on “911 I have had numerous questions in reguard to Lisa’s fate and decided to re-post.

  1. Hi Teela. I am not going to press Like as that call was an awful situation for the mother and children. I can’t comment. I’m so shocked !!


    • I understand. There are things I see here everyday that I may comment on but can’t bring myself to say I like it.

      I really enjoyed your blog today Ralph. I need to laugh….at lot these days.


      • I honestly don’t know if I can read any more of your blog Teela. I haven’t even reached the posts of your experiences which I assume you have published. I may come back when I have got over this call.
        As far as my blog is concerned, over the last few weeks I have realised how healing laughter, love and kindness are. There are so many of my followers with so many different ailments and harrowing stories, myself included, that light relief is the way I must stay focussed on. So I’ll try to keep on having fun, flirting and being an idiot sometimes, as your last few words in your reply has cemented that realisation.
        I truly hope that the blogging world is helping you to recover and if you ever need anything I’m around the blogosphere somewhere.
        Have a lovely week and I mean it. Ralph xox 😀


      • Thank you Ralph. I will stop by often, and I understand your position, please don’t feel obligated or that you have to apologize.
        Your blog and others like it will be my ointment and I will gladly use it.
        Thank you Ralph 😉


      • Apply the ointment sparingly on your funny bone…… what the heck…..pour the whole bottle on 😉 😆


      • My pleasure…. 😉


  2. I’m in tears. This recoding will haunt me for a long, long time.

    My husband was abusive to me – mentally and physically on front of my son. I wasted no time leaving him when our son was on 12 weeks old. Thank God my son won’t remember what happened. Thank God he won’t grow up thinking it’s normal for his father to beat/hit/slap/bite/strangle/suffocate his mother.

    I won’t be able to sleep tonight…


  3. Reblogged this on Where the buck stops and commented:
    This only happens to other people, right?


  4. It can be very difficult to talk about, but “discussion perpetuates more discussion.”


  5. This is what I found:

    Originally Posted by Field Education USA
    Several years ago, Kit was working with the police department and asked someone, “I wonder what this little girl is doing now. I wonder if we could find her and see how she’s doing.” The police were able to locate Lisa, and Kit’s knock on Lisa’s door was the beginning of a very meaningful friendship. Kit discovered that Lisa was in an abusive relationship of her own, but since they have met, Kit has helped Lisa walk through the process of ending that relationship. Lisa says that when she got pregnant with her second child something in her just snapped, and she knew she had to get out because she did not want to end up like her mother.
    Lisa had no idea that her tape was being used to educate people about the effects of domestic violence on children. She only vaguely remembers signing away her rights to this tape, and no one ever told her why exactly they wanted it. Now as a twenty four year old woman, she still cannot listen to the tape because of all the pain she fears would surface. She wonders why they picked this particular tape since she called the police hundreds of times. Through her tears, she shared with us that her mother had not changed, that her older brother was in jail, that her sister was getting into trouble, and that she feared for the future of her little brother. She pleaded with the Child Protective Service (CPS) workers in the room to always be mindful of the child victims of domestic violence. The reality of her life and the lives of her siblings is a great testimony to the effects of domestic violence on children. Lisa told us that there were twenty-three documented cases of CPS coming to her house and that she nor her siblings were ever taken away from her mom. She said that she wishes she had been. Although she admitted that she would not have wanted to leave her mom initially, she said that in the end it would have been a better situation. She challenged us to always remember the children when dealing with domestic violence because they have no control or power to change their situation.

    Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8aa_1359117135#SogjTJ6SledlO4yF.99

    I am so glad I got my children out.


    • Yes it is. I cannot find out what happened to Lisa or her family. The ugly truth is that this happens every day and as long as we look the other way these so sad moments will continue at alarming rates.
      Thanks for watching and listening.


  6. That left my stomach in knots and I was breath less. I’ve no idea how things such as this exist in the world. Warm embrace my friend.


  7. Your passion is justifiable and warranted Teela. Abusing one parent with the child as a witness IS child abuse. Our legal system in an effort to ensure parental rights, usually that of the father, refuses to address this serious issue and call it what it is CHILD ABUSE. Instead the system works to silence the victim so that the abuser is not “alienated” which in turn creates a whole new generation that is taught to accept abuse as love. I too would love to know the outcome, I hope they are on a path to safety and peace.


    • It is a sad fact and the children are considered property in the aftermath and little care is given to their trauma. I know it was a difficult post to watch. I suppose my aim is to bring awareness, as shocking as it is in an effort to recognize this matter.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, I was a little worried it would be too much. But there are times when shocking reality is necessary.
      Again, thank you for your ongoing support.


      • It did evoke an emotional response from me, but it helped me personally in my resolve to protect my children who were once in that position. So often when you tell your tale you get, “Yeah but is he a good father?” You inspired a whole blog post to come. Keeping things like this silent does not help the victims.


      • Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I look forward to reading your post.


  8. That reduced me to tears. That poor, poor little girl. She was so brave, too.. Does anyone know what the final outcome was?


    • Unfortunately no. The point I guess is that we know very little about the outcome DV has on the children and the family and the goal is to stop it so we don’t have to wonder anymore. It is disturbing and my imagination can take me places I don’t want to go. However, it is a must to recognize that these things happen and to know the multitude of stories we have no ending to.


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