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Surviving Domestic Violence


Is the fight against domestic violence in crisis?

I am happy to say that Avalanche of the Soul, also known as StrongerSoulSurvivor, whom I affectionately refer to as Triple S, has given me permission to Press this article.  She is indeed a strong advocate for domestic violence and has brought up a vital issue requiring our attention.

Together we can make a difference.

Is the fight against domestic violence in crisis?.

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Shoot at me, You Sumbitch. You Caint Hit Shit!

This post was made by Lance Marcom over at texantales.com. He also shared with me how hard it would be for him to write this post as it is a skeleton of sorts in the family closet. I am proud to reblog this story because he bravely decided to break the silence. Thank you Lance.

Texan Tales & Hieroglyphics

“Between the lines of photographs I’ve seen the past. It isn’t pleasing.”

-Janis Ian

This post is for Teela



My grandfather beat his wife. He was a jealous man. He was a boxer in his youth, and his beatings were top-notch.

He could beat:

This man. That man. Any man. (He could beat women too)

And he did; he beat my grandmother.

For fifty years.

He was a jealous man.

He hated me, but more important, he hated the spring I had sprung from.

He hated those “Marcoms.”

“Who the hell do they think they are, Boy? Doctors, lawyers? Scum! That’s what they are!”

“Yes, gran-dad, they are scum.”

“That old Doc Marcom… he is communisss.”

“Yes, Grand-dad, surely”

“If’n you sass me Boy, I gonna send you there to live among ‘em.”

“Yes, Granddaddy.”

“Go on in there and do yer homework.”

“Yes, Granddaddy.”

That conversation happened…

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Signs Of A Sociopath, Psychopath, And/Or Narcissist

A fellow blogger and “sister-survivor” made a post today that every man/woman should know before taking the plunge. With her permission I have decided to reblog. It is the sincere desire of every survivor to prevent this tragedy from happening to someone else.


So you have met him or her! The perfect person to spend the rest of your life with! Hold On!!! Not so fast!! Ask yourself these following questions, they may bring some clarity to who/what you are actually dealing with.

  1. Charming~does he/she say all the right things? Is he/she over-the-top with compliments? Never ending stream of hearts & flower words, text and emails to you? Has this abundance of charm set him/her apart from anyone else you have met? Is he/she to good to be true?
  2. Egocentric & Grandiose~has he/she told you how successful their career is? If they are a parent, have they told you what a hand’s on parent they have been? Has everything in their life been pretty much ‘perfect’? {except for the ex-relationships}. Do they tell you how demanding their career is? Or other personal obligations?
  3. Disconnection of Their Past~does he/she have any relationship with his…

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Beat Me


We are fast approaching the end of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.  The hurt in this young lady’s eyes is clear, however, she found her voice and I would like to share it with you.  The video brought tears to my eyes as I listened to her sing about her own personal hell and her desire to prevent this tragedy from being cycled to her baby girl.

Chantell finds her voice.