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Surviving Domestic Violence

Yes, men can be victims of domestic violence. Just as Dale Wells, whose ex tried to kill him, before killing herself


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Dale Wells

It amazes me that people actually believe that men cannot be victims of domestic violence. Some believe that if they are, they are not ‘real men’. Well, not so! Men are human beings, too. They can be hurt or even killed by someone they loved and trusted. As a society we need to remove the stigma of men and domestic violence. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, no matter their gender, race, income, etc. ANYONE can be a victim. And all victims need the help and support of their communities and loved ones.

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Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

6 thoughts on “Yes, men can be victims of domestic violence. Just as Dale Wells, whose ex tried to kill him, before killing herself

  1. Thank you for a well written and thoughtful piece.
    I couldn’t watch the video prob because I’m on my phone but I will look at it later.
    You seem to me to be a person who has a clear understanding of these issues and is not willing to walk on by or let it be another’s problem.
    Thank you for showing such empathy and fighting spirit 🙂


  2. I absolutely agree. Unfortunately men who are abusers, and claim to be the victim, make it difficult for men like Dale. But it’s the same for both genders, and for all kinds of abuse, I suppose. It just seems because of our society’s views on gender roles, false allegations of domestic abuse made by men do more to marginalize the group of men who are victims and survivors of domestic abuse. It’s a horrible position for any victim/survivor to find themselves in.


    • Unfortunately so.

      It is a shame that false allegations by depraved minds make it hard on so many of us. And it does nothing but prolong the pain.

      Thank you for sharing that with me.


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