Teela Hart

Surviving Domestic Violence


14 thoughts on “It Looks Nothing Like This

  1. I can say this that I am truly sick of the cold, more than the snow! Bitter weather makes me cranky and want to stay in my pj’s and be lazy! Hopefully, you are in a better mood and place than I am (mentally and physically!) Robin


    • I’m in the Carolina’s we’ve seen some snow which is unusual, and I have to say I was glad to see it go.
      We’ve had all four seasons this week. It was 74 yesterday, last week the low was 22. If you stand in one place long enough you get to wear all the seasonal clothes in a matter of minutes it seems like.
      Thank you for taking time to reply


  2. Snow cool…phttt no


  3. Thanks Teela, and yes nothing like … snow looks pretty cool to me though 🙂 cheers DC


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