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I’ve Not Been Freshly Pressed


Not Featured on Freshly Pressed

Not Featured on Freshly Pressed

I have been nominated for the “I’ve not been Freshly Pressed Awardby Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed.

Kim provides useful and much needed facts and information concerning relationships with narcissistic partners and is an avid supporter of those who are in such relationships.  In addition, her publishing has helped me and countless others in their quest for freedom from such individuals helping them claim once again the life they deserve.  Kim is a true asset to her readers at WordPress.

I have been a member for just under a month and I have noticed thus far that freshly pressed publications about domestic violence are nowhere to be found.  This may not be the case considering I am new to the site, however, it is an issue of epidemic proportions and worthy of being shared.  The more exposure to the issue of domestic violence the greater the chances of reaching those hurting in silence.

Although getting “Freshly Pressed” would be awesome, I feel I have not earned my stripes just yet, therefore, the ultimate goal is to share my testimony with others who may be experiencing domestic violence.  To let them know they are not alone.  And hopefully give them the courage and the tools necessary to either report suspected abuse or to escape their abuser altogether.

Since joining WordPress I have received support that would have been impossible elsewhere and for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you again let me reach, you are a true inspiration in my road to recovery!

My nominations for the I’ve never been Freshly Pressed Award are:

Many Small Voices

A Victim’s Journal

Sundance Speaks


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Author: Teela Hart

I am a mother, daughter, sister and domestic violence survivor.

15 thoughts on “I’ve Not Been Freshly Pressed

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  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:


  3. Well congratulations! Not many poetry sites get FRESH-PRESSED either, from what I’ve seen….but come check out a poetry site that is anything but stale…at: http://bythemightymumford.wordpress.com/


  4. Congrats and warm regards DC


  5. Congratulations on Kim nominating you! She did me as well so I need to get my post up today. 🙂

    While I am not so concerned with MY blog making Freshly Pressed, I was disheartened that there was such a noticeable absence of DV blogs in October, especially considering it was DV Awareness Month. January was Stalking Awareness and then, too, it was absent. With February being Teen Relationship Violence Awareness, we are 9 days into the month, and Fresh is following suit.

    I don’t think it requires a certain amount of time before you should be Freshly Pressed. Rather, if you are making connections with readers and what you are writing about has an impact… I just began following you, but I see Freshness in your future. 🙂


    • Thank you for the kind words.
      It is disheartening to me as well that we have such an epidemic of DV and the like and it is not being Pressed and given more exposure on WordPress.


    • I am not sure if you got my reply to your comment, but thank you so much. And I echo your sentiments on the exposure DV receives on Freshly Pressed.


      • Yes I finally did… The wireless internet where I am isn’t so reliable so it took a lifetime for the page to load. 🙂 During which time I decided to get up and start laundry.

        You are very welcome and I hope someday the powers that be wake up and realize the DV deserves Freshly Pressed exposure too!


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